Friday, September 20, 2013

Me too!

Yes...I am still around too and like Nicole, PSE is my best friend when it comes to memory keeping. 

I am still doing a physical Project Life but am finding myself drawn to Cathy Z's and Amy's digital versions. Much thought needed for 2014...will be surverying the famly to see what they like (after all, it is for them I do this).

Right now I am including digital pages in my album. My PL album has become my family album so I will be including "event" pages with minimal's mostly about the photographic memories, the kinda speak for themselves so I figure don't require much of a story.

These pages use digital elements all from Cathy Z (and they are on sale at Designer Digital at the moment).


  1. great pages Di!! (are these templates CZ too?)

  2. These will look fabulous in your PL album Di!

    I am LOVING PL in the digi version - has really invigorated my scrapping this year. My templates are pretty basic and I am planning on changing my format a bit next year but I'm glad to have had something very simple to work with first time around.

  3. These pages are lovely: I do like the feeling of space on them - I often find the PL pages visually too cluttered.


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