Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Scrapping with the help of Photoshop Elements!

Hi scrapping types.   Yeah, it's been a while. I only scrap once in a while! Even though it's been super long between posts, I thought I should share these current pages, even if only for my simple girls themselves. Any inspiration is good inspiration, right?  The first two pages, above were done by copying and pasting my instagram photos onto 8 x 10 canvases in photoshop. I printed these photoshopped layouts out as 8 x10 and stuck them on 8.5 x 11 bazzill sheets which gave them a border, and made the photos fit the album sleeves.  The first page shows my eldest daughter in three random moments this year. I could have scrapped three different pages, but went for the three in one deal.

These next two layouts were done in photoshop as well (Just copied and pasted photos, and dragged each photos from the corner down until it was the size I wanted it for the layout).  I set up an 8 x 12 canvas, because that's one of the standard photo sizes we can print out at here. It's still not wide enough for the album sleeve at 8.5x11" (notice the 1/2" strip of cardstock running down the left side of each layout to bring it up to size). When designing the layout in photo shop on the 8x12 canvas, I had to remember to leave an inch empty at the bottom, which I trimmed off once the photo was printed (to make the photo 11 inches long, again to fit in the sleeve). I love these two layouts because I got a lot of photo moments scrapped in one hit.  We live close to and are close to the cousins, so we have lots of photos, yet each one doesn't necessarily warrant its own layout (and even if it did, I really don't have the time!). Each of these layouts took about an hour on the computer to do, and about 3 minutes to complete with the strap of bazzill up the side! Hope you are inspired to get some scrapping done. My two younger girls were asking me why I 'don't scrap anymore' and how sad they are about that. That re-inspired me!

This last layout below is nothing great, but I share it anyway in case your kiddie does sport and you want to scrap that season but don't know where to start! My girl is passionate about soccer and loves loves loves it. I hate to scrap events like this, but I had to do it as it is so important to her, and she will love to look back on it when she is older. It's a double page spread, not even pulled out of her album to photograph. I am so glad she has these stories documented! Both pages were 8x10 print outs stuck on bazzill cardstock - not even matching colours. (Don't care!)

Hope you enjoyed seeing my current scraps, and hope you can get some scrappin' done yourself.

Nicole xx


  1. I think we are all getting more and more time poor (how can that be?!) and I am turning more towards fully digital/printing myself. My favourite is the little cousins page - beauty in its simplicity.

    thanks for sharing Nicole!


  3. Your wonderful pages have just blown me away and reminded me again how effective clean and simple design is. My favourite is your very first one - just stunning ...

  4. fingers crossed for more to come X


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