Friday, June 22, 2012

Black and White

Black and white is quite tricky, and it looks like several of the other Simple girlies had a hard time coming up with something. No worries girls, some weeks, it just doesn't happen! So here are two b/w based layouts. Both fairly old! Hope you like em.  I like the first one the best, but the second one was published in Creating Keepsakes once upon a time.


  1. Oh tell me about it - black and white is really hard!

    The first thing I noticed with both of these layouts, is that they are 12x12 and I am not used to seeing pages in that size from you these days!

    Thanks for sharing these with us Nicole, it is always a pleasure to see your beautiful pages that are so well designed.

  2. on reflection I do have at least one page...but I just didn't get near it. Its been one of those weeks. I adore the top page about lucy and that photo of her...what a lovely little face she has!

  3. These are so striking! I love the design of that last one!!

  4. oh where have our chubby cheeked babies gone... soooo thankful we scrap!!!


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