Monday, May 21, 2012

Week Four | Green

I can't believe it is the start of the fourth week in our colour series, the weeks are whizzing by at the moment!
This week I am going to share some old and new pages, one is so old it might even equate to 'real' scrapping. I used cardstock and even cut out parts of my son's birthday cards to make a grid on the page, and, hold your breath .... are those embellishments on the page I spy?!

The next two are digital.

The last one was a tricky page for me to make, not because of the story, but because I didn't have the photo I wanted to illustrate the story. I am not sure how clear and easy the journaling is to read, but, in the last holidays the kids had a great experience with a local artist who let them fill in a canvas for him and then he started painting creatures from the blobs and drips of paint on the actual canvas. At the time, I did have my camera, but I felt that it was not the correct etiquette to photograph him at work, even though it was all a bit of fun, but, he had several pieces there for sale and I didn't want him to think I was trying to copy his work in any way. What do you think, was I too conservative, or was this the right thing to do? Nicole, what would you say?

Anyway, there are my green layouts for this week, I use green a lot so it was easier than last week!


  1. great pages, and great stories. And as for the painter, maybe I would have asked if he minded you taking a photo of him working with the kids, that you are a scrapbooker and have been wanting to stop and see what he is painting for x number of years....

  2. I like seeing how people's scrapping style progresses. And I agree with Sharon - I would have asked the painter.

  3. Love the layouts, Amy. Yeah, you could have just snapped a few with the phone camera esp if the kids were standing next to the art, but taking a close up profeesional shot of just the art might look a little dodgy?


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