Wednesday, May 23, 2012

thinking green

I love green. So it came as a surprise to find that this green page (which you may be mistakenly thinking is brown) was terribly hard to assemble. Took ages. I realised that I don't normally scrap by colour, but am governed by the photos that I want to use more so than anything. (and I find myself frustrated that there aren't more mainstream scrapbook paper manufacturers that aren't taking the simple-I-would-think move to go digital).
May I present my take on green:
write good webThis is how I envision the finished product, plonked on a nice bit of brown bazzill.
write goodand the main bit so you can read the little bit of journaling. This isn't the layout to expand on the strange wiring of daughter #2 but as I was doing it I was thinking about how this child will either run the country or end up in jail, most of her escapades come from her little brain keeping itself occupied. The hard part is keeping it occupied for good rather than evil.
And there you have it, I have written the journaling, or the starting of, for another layout right there. Next week perhaps! :-)

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  1. I am the same, I rarely start with a colour first!


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