Monday, March 5, 2012

Got My Sketch On

I had the chance to scrap a bit over the weekend, it's pretty wet down here at the moment, perfect scrapping weather. Actually, the rain hasn't been too bad where I am and hopefully none of the other SAG girls have floated away ... keep dry ladies!

I'm a week behind with the sketches, this one is based on Sharon's sketch a week or so ago.

I'm loving orange on my pages this year, just to add to the lines and the rounded corners. Are you seeing any colour trends in your pages this year?



  1. Had to laugh at this. I just bought a "Wuthering Heights" mug yesterday and was so happy with it, I had a brief thought "Maybe I'll scrapbook this". Loving orange too, as well as yellow and grey. Shannan.

  2. My husband and I both saw these mugs yesterday on a stand in the doorway of 'Typo' and we both stopped in our tracks! I loved the drink bottles and thermos etc too with all the penguin books...very cool.

  3. am loving the lines and the simplicity of your pages atm, and you are really rocking the type - what is that new sketchy one that you have used, I don't think I've seen it before. I like that its a groovy take on a sans serif font!

  4. That's where I got it Nicole, Typo. I had trouble deciding which one to get!

    Sharon, the font is SNF Sketchy and was the freebie that came with Cathy's type class - from memory, so that could be completely wrong ... but I got it during the class so I figure that was it!

    Scrap your mug Shannan! Then link it up so I can come and visit another like minded person ... please :-)

  5. LOVE this, Amy. Have you read "The Flight of Gemma Hardy" by Margot Livesey? It's a "new telling" of Jane Eyre. I'm half way through and savouring every syllable.

    (I can't sign in with my Open ID - hope the Google one works!)

  6. Oh...I need to pop into Typo :) And loving the orange...Tangerine is the colour of the year !!!


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