Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Winning Wednesday!

Hello everyone this fine Wednesday! Today we reveal the winner of our great giveaway from Bite Sized Scrapbooking, but first I want to share with you another page I've done using my new Becky Higgins page protectors.

IMG_0063This style of divided page works well for me, as I like to buck the norm and take a great deal of my photos portrait style. I cropped down two to fit in the smaller pockets and then printed my journalling straight onto my pre-cut cards. I can do this as I have made up a word template to suit that size, and my printer is happy to accept that size (I had to make a template in my printer settings too, which is very easy to do) and this has simplified and sped up the process even further.


Now while there isn't any meaningful story told on this simple page, it does however, in my sons album, show a little slice of our life over the course of a year (and how cute my boy was in his little hat and orange shirt....although it may appear that these photos were all taken on one day, there were not, its just that the orange shirt was a favourite for work day outings!)

Righto! now onto the FUN PART OF THE DAY!

Without further ado....drum roll please......the winner of the Bundle #2 from Bite Sized Scrapbooking is......


Sylvia, could you please email me at thequietlifeqld (at)  or leave a comment with your details and we will get your special winning code to you so you can pop over to Bite Sized Scrapbooking and claim your bundle of inspiration! (and please do share some of the results!)

Thank you to everyone that entered the draw, we really love your comments and ideas (there were some great ones for getting pages done!).  I hope everyone too has seen the brilliant sketch from Amy from the other day, you are welcome to link up on that post, or even drop your page into the Flikr pool, although if you don't leave a comment no-one knows that its there to see!


  1. Well done Sylvia! Yes, we look forward to seeing some of the results.

    Sharon, the paper you have used, do you remember where it is from?

  2. Congratulations Sylvia.

    Love this page, you girls just keep inspiring me-thank you.

    The only thing I am struggling with though is giving myself time to scrap with both kids at school I finally HAVE time but feel too guilty to use it!


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