Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hello Wednesday...and a giveaway!

hello readers! yay that we are back after our summer holiday! so good to see what the other girls have been up to over the holidays, and excited about what they have in store for us in the coming weeks.

Recently, I caved in ;-) and bought a pack of Project Life Page Protectors.  Now I am not undertaking Project Life, but I DO like the style of the divided page protectors. And when I found a little pile of sorted photos the other day, complete with notes, that I had forgotten about (yegads) I thought what a perfect way to try out the new divided page protectors (and fill that gap in my boys album, I was wondering why it was looking a little sparse!)

IMG_0006I LOVE how easily and quickly this came together! At first I was worried that the smaller pockets might be problematic for me, but no, I love them.  And if you don't mind, I'll be sharing a few more simple pages using these divided page protectors in the coming weeks. Don't get me wrong, I still love doing a "normal" page, but what I love even more is how quickly I can get a page done using these page protectors, when I have limited time in which to do a page. (no measuring or re-arranging ! slip in the photos, cut my patterned paper to size (which I have written down for easy future reference, print the journaling on a pre-cut 4x6 card, on a 4x6 word document template I have already set up, add any extras like a thickers title etc that I feel like and wah-laa!....its that easy!)


ANYHOW! onto the exciting bit for the day...


Kim at Bite Sized Scrapbooking, a fan of the quick and simple, and who offers great ideas and plans for the time and inspiration starved scrapbooker on her site Bite Sized Scrapbooking, has generously offered one of bundles of simple scrapbooking plans that is the perfect way to get TWENTY SIX pages done in a simple, fuss free way.


The winner will get BSS Bundle #2 which is chock full of great layout plans in three simple steps. Please do follow the links and check it out!

Leave a comment on this post and you will go in the draw to win this great little prize!  I will announce the winner next Wednesday, so you have until then to post your comment - tell me about your quick and simple tips for getting a page done?!

See you next week!



  1. Ah...PL page protectors are great. have seen this little template that allows you to get photos for the smaller pocket.

  2. I saw those at Paislee Press too Di.
    A great way to use the page protectors Sharon, it takes the headaches of design away and still allows for a simple and clean look with as many papers or photos as you like!

    Kim over at Bite Sized Scrapbooking has been very generous to us ... good luck to all the commentators!

  3. I am setting myself a target of getting 5 pages done a day-and I will definitely be using this idea to aim for that goal.

    I find I can get a lot of pages done quickly by choosing one of my own pages to scraplifting and I do about 3-5 pages using that layout-they always turn out fairly different!

  4. Quick and simple pages lay down a photo or two on a piece of paper, match up the space with some patterned paper, write the story and call it done. A great piece I got from Stacy Julian when I was stuck and it worked! I use it to get moving again. Thanks for the chance to win.

  5. Yay, glad to be back here after the holidays.

    I love the new blog design. Clean and simple to match your content.

    To try and make my process quick and easy, I just try and forget everything I've ever read in a scrapbook magazine! Choose some photos, and remind myself that the photos in themselves and the memories they hold are precious. Doesn't take too long after that for everything to fall into place. [Oh, and templates. Yeah, templates are a good thing.]

  6. My quick and simple idea is definately to read and scraplift from this wonderful blog. Glad you are all back, I have been missing you all terribly. Thanks for sharing your amazingly simple ideas and your fun stories.

  7. No great ideas from here. A bit of a procrasinator but definitely love the idea of the page protectors.

  8. quick and easy to me is photos on cardstock plus words. A good story does wonders! Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. I have absolutely no ideas for getting a page done quickly and simply! That's a skill totally outside of my skill set. I spend ages fussing and fiddling and re-arranging a layout and getting completely irritated with myself so Kate's bundle of plans would be more exciting than Christmas. Thanks for the chance to win some help and even if I don't win Kate's help the blog is such a great place to visit for inspiration - Thanks Girls keep blogging.

  10. Glad these are useful to you - I can see how handy they are! Your page looks wonderful, based on a theme.

  11. I always simplify my process by choosing three main colours for the entire album and then using the gallon, pint and spoon analogy on each page. That way, I can sort out all the pages, scraps, and embellishments of these main colours and put them close at hand. This works great for me!

  12. What a cool giveaway! :) I love using sketches, this way my pages are quickly done! Even if I don't stick very closely to a sketch...


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