Thursday, February 9, 2012


There are lots of things I love about memory keeping. I love photos and the stories,  I do enjoy the creative side of it ( even though I have had to let go of my love of glitter after an intervention by Nicole!) and especially love it when my kids look at their albums.

But for me the one thing I love most is the ability to make connections between my 4 children. I love seeing a photo of Mark on the page with his sisters. And they love to read about him and know they are a lot like him.

I had originally planned to just do a page of the kids on their first birthday but when I went back through the photos I found a common theme...they are all very messy cake eaters :)

At the moment this is a digi page. I will print out the photo section as an 8 x 10, then print the title and a journalling on some white Bazzil and mat it on some black or maybe java. And maybe add a brad or 2. I like the texture of the cardstock. I will post the end result next week.

Oh and one quick tip! Looking back at old photos is a lot of fun.

Oh to be so young and fresh faced again!!! My boy and me...I love it!!!

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  1. Look at you, you freshed faced duckie!
    I love it when you post pages like this one, seeing all of your children together is wonderful, and yes, they know how to eat cake, especially Livvy!

  2. and you are a lot blonder (or is that greyer?!) these days~! ;-)

    love it all, and look at those gorgeous chubby babies, I will have to go digging it seems (some pre digital) to do the same!

  3. Oh, how lovely to include them all together like this - a lovely page, and one that will make them smile in years to come!

  4. Isn't it funny to see the similarities(and differences) in your children at such an early age?!
    Would you believe the word verification is 'bless'!!
    Alison xx


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