Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Talent ...

My younger child has an extraordinary talent of acquiring all sorts of things when she assists in shopping expeditions; this talent is multiplied when she is shopping with a Grandparent or an Aunt or Uncle.

She is also stubborn when it comes to naming her creatures, animals, dolls and toys. Most items are given a name and once she has decided, no amount of coercion dissuades her. These rare and precious lizards are no exception.
I love that I caught a photo with her pointing to the writing on top of the box, she is a beginner reader you see, school starts next year and she has an insatiable desire to read things and tell me that purple starts with P and so does pink and puppy! But, T starts with tree; did you know?



  1. I do hope these reptiles were of the plastic variety! great page and story as usual amy...

  2. Well of course T starts with tree, M starts with Me after all ;)

  3. great page - is it a template or overlay?

  4. Amy...you are the Master at capturing the every day!!!!
    Next year I am being your apprentice ;)


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