Friday, November 4, 2011

a bit more red....

After Amy's great post on the red shoes 2 posts ago, I was totally inspired to post this. A collection of little photos taken from around my house. My house doesn't look this red, it is actually very neutral with white walls and a neutral toned couches and kitchen etc, but I do add bits of red and green here and there. Here I've highlighted the red bits....

This is a cool idea, because it is a nice memory for my kids when they grow up, all the bits around our home. I would love to do a 'i see green' layout, and white, and aqua blue, all favourite colours that I could single out in a photo if I looked around here hard enough. They would be a great collection of layouts.

Anyone else want to give this concept a go, in the colour of your choice of course!

Nicole x

PS In case anyone has double clicked and inspected the layout up close, the bottom  left hand corner shows a photo of a book titled "A Students Handbook of Housewifery'. Don't panic, someone gave it to me as a laugh, and most likely because it was red. It's old, at least 60 years, and it sits on my kitchen windowsill. I think it's very cute. Maybe I should read it.........


  1. Lucky you clarified the title of the book ... gosh, we would have been worried otherwise!

    This is an excellent idea for a layout ... I would probably have the same colour choices as you do, nothing like some red and green and blue and grey :-)

  2. nicole this is brilliant, love the layout and the idea! (and you know me, I want to see more of the paintings, the ones that you paint for yourself!)

  3. Stunning page and such a great idea to make a record of all the things we like in our homes for later on ... Will be doing this!

  4. So love this page Nicole...what a great idea. In my house it would be blue. I think I might give it a go! Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. UNREAL-Boy I love this website! Or should I say Girl!

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