Monday, November 28, 2011

the beanie

Firstly, here, in Australia, a knitted hat is known as the 'beanie'. I know from experience, that it is not called a 'beanie' in North America. In Canada, for example, they are commonly referred to as 'touque's' (pronounced: toooks). In Canada, a beanie refers to a stripey cap with a little comical propeller on top (this Australian learned this the hard way!). If wherever you come has another name for such knitted hats, please enlighten me!

Secondly, I love how this layout turned out, it is one of my most favourite layouts of recent days! My littlest girl went through the winter obsessed with beanies, and even now that the summer temperatures are here she still tries to get away with popping one on her head, before someone, usually me, inevitably yells "Are you aware of the current temperature, child?!'
I love that this current little fad or trend has been recorded and scrapped.
I LOVE these piccy's of her - is she not cute?

Thirdly, note how the background cardstock is split into two colours. I do this every now and then, and although I am happy with how it looks, whenever I do it, it means that I didn't have a full sheet of one of the colours, and therefore had to combine two.  I love this grey colour, and would ordinarily have used a full sheet of it, but alas, I only had 2/3 of a sheet remaining, so one must get creative when supplies are low!

Fourthly, in case you're interested, these photos are each 2"x3"  (5cm x 7.5cm). You can print them that way, or take the photos in a way that allows for them to be cropped.

Nicole x



  1. they are called beanies in Scotland and are very popular with both sexes from ages 8 to 28

    I love the split colour background

  2. Very cute. Love the split background as well. Often forget about that as an option to mix things up a bit!

  3. lucky i know that about the beanie...anything else i need to know ;)

  4. just brilliant, love how you have captured one of her little quirks and fads!

  5. The split background may have been an act of necessity, but it looks fantastic!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous layout! The beanies do look great on your dd's head, as well as this split bg. In fact, if you haven't talked about it, I wouldn't have noticed... :)


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