Friday, October 7, 2011

my 'friends' layout from way back yonder

Ahhh, Emma, I am SO impressed that you remembered a layout that was FIVE years old. I don't think I've even looked at it for about that long so it was nice to be reminded of it. That baby is my now 5 year old niece, and my girls have grown just a touch since then! This photo was printed as an 8x12" enlargement, and trimmed at the top and bottom to make a panoramic look.  It's such a simple layout. Love a good reminisce. Thanks Emma, and your page is gorgeous!!!


  1. Thanks Nicole...I'm suprised at how much I remembered of it!! I loved the layout back then & still love it now! Thanks for posting it!!

  2. and a good example of how great design is timeless.

  3. I'm having a little collective catch up today - fantastic array of pages over the past couple of weeks ... and a give away, what a great idea!


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