Monday, October 3, 2011

doing cartwheels...

Ops...nearly missed my day...again! (Thanks for the reminder Nic.)

I have a really really simple page to share today. It's all about the story of Maddy and her cartwheels.

I will print this out as an 8x10, trim it and pop it in a 8x8 page protector.

Are you following us...if not please do. We have a fun little treat to give away when we get to 100 followers :)



  1. Brilliant! You have switched back so that I can see the whole post in my Google Reader. I like it much better this way, and for some reason it makes me more likely to click through and comment too.

  2. Love this page Di, simple, but stunning!

  3. I certainly am following you!!
    And this is a super-nice and lovely page. The simple ones really are the best - especially when there is a really good story to tell!

  4. Yay Maddie!!! Good for you! (NICE page Di)

  5. Stunning pic, perfect design, I love it !


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