Tuesday, September 13, 2011

You Little Beauty ...

Keeping in theme on a couple of things this week, I have used a template that may be gracing my albums already - a bit like scrapping yourself according to Diane yesterday - and, being very true to myself, this is an 'in the moment' page that is also making the news! Phew .. have all things covered I think.

Ever the patriotic sports loving Australian who enjoys her tennis - this has been a long time coming and very well deserved in my opinion ... but this is a blog about stories and photos, not my take on world sporting events and the lack of exposure women's events receive in this country ....

A Cathy Zielske template with a background filled using the colour picker.

So, get on with it, no procrastinating ... we'd love to see how you dealt with Sharon's double page challenge from last week and while you are at it - lift one of your favourite pages!


  1. Totally thought of you as soon as I saw her win on TV...bugga was going to try and beat you...I had a slightly different idea for the same topic...will get ti=o it today :)

  2. this template seems very familiar, its such a good one, I'll be using it over and over again for sure! great page Amy

  3. Yay Sam! Isn't that purple that she wore beautiful. How kind to think of us scrapbookers ;)

  4. Esther, I thought she looked fantastic and it did cross my mind that her outfit would be good to scrap - especially with the blue surrounding AA stadium ... though, check out her arms - seriously, I wouldn't mind arms half that good!


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