Monday, September 12, 2011

lift yourself...

Firstly, an apology I missed the last 2 Mondays. No reason or excuse...just forgot sorry!
I have a ton of photos sitting in a photo box just waiting to be scrapped and I am rapidly losing interest in scrapping many of them. I have culled to just the ones that really have a story to tell and I decided to pull out my old albums, find a page I like and lift myself.

Here's a 12x12 with handwriting from around 3 years ago...

and here's one I did today. I think I will get through the pile quick this way... I hope!!
Why not grab an old favourite page of your and 'lift' yourself. If you do please leave a comment so we can stop by :)


  1. This is a great idea Di and I really love how the two photos you chose for the newer page flow into one another and make it difficult to see the contrast - it looks like one big shot - very effective!
    Also, such a great idea to lift yourself - when you find a design you love it makes sense to use it!

  2. What a great lift of yourself! I am a fan of using your own handwriting...both pages are fabulous

  3. love this page, and can see how super simple and quick it would have come together - once your mind was made up of course!

  4. I love both of these. You are really good on choosing colours ... That'd make a good challenge, 'lifting' oneself!


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