Sunday, September 18, 2011

what is perfction?

One of my favourite bloggers is Karen Russell. For a long time now I have been regularly popping in to see what she is up to. Now don't get me wrong, I am not some strange lurker of others lives but there has always been something about her photos that has completely drawn me in. To the point where I almost feel like I 'know' her and her lovely family.  I just couldn't put my finger on what it was I loved so much about her photos. Yes, they are what I would consider technically brilliant, the focus and lighting was always spot on but it was more than that.

This week I started her class...'Snapshots of a good life'. And within 5 minutes of downloading my first lesson the answer was right there in front of me, the reason I love Karens photos so much, they are "emotionally perfect". I love the notion of an emotionally perfect photo for so many reasons.

Our first assignment was to find a photo we had already taken that we considered to be emotionally perfect. Well, seems I was going to fail my first assignment, choose JUST 1!!! ONLY 1!!! Oh man, easier said than done, here are a few I considered...

As scrappers we know our most powerful pages are the ones with those photos that speak to us and the words that record treasured memories kept for generations to come.
Here are 2 of the simplest pages I have ever done yet I consider them emotionally perfect pages!

Todays post was supposed to be a question and answer post (and yes again I am late) here is my question to you...

Do you scrap for
1. just the fun of it?
2. to record the memories?
3. both of the above!

And if you answered 3 (which I suspect you may) then can I add a challenge to this post...

Go now and find a few 'technically perfect' photos, choose the simplest template/layout/sketch you can, set your timer for 5 minutes and journal as much as you can about your photo. DO NOT stop to fix grammar, spelling etc (worry about that later) ... just type/write ... and don't get hung up on sentence structure (remember I am a school teacher and so I can give you permission to forget all you know about grammar)...put it all together and please share with us!

I'm not supposed to put the link here today (if you don't tell the others I will so we can all see your pages...shh).



  1. #3

    and I wish I had time to play...

    the boy wet the bed here last night; I should have known better but you know when you are tired yourself you don't follow through on your thoughts...speaking of I best wash some sheets too, thankfully only the bottom layers...

    great post Di, and I like the term "emotionally perfect" photo - it of course will be different for each person.

  2. Oh, I am certainly a number three too!
    This is a really beautiful post Di, I'm going to work on a page and will link up as soon as I can ... I know exactly what I want to write about!

  3. I'm definitely a #3 as the creative aspect is almost as important to me as the story. And I can already picture (without even going into archives or albums) a few of those "emotionally perfect" photos I have!

  4. #3
    Thanks for mentioning Karen's photography class. I have been looking for a class. But my husband travels a lot & I can't find out that I can attend. The on-line format is great! Let us know how you like it!

  5. #3 of course!
    and I must play with you!
    Thank you for a terrific creative prompt!!

    Sending you kisses all the way from Chi-Town ~


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