Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Five ...

After Di's great post on the weekend I wanted to share with you a page I made a little while ago, the journaling was done as an emotional response to my daughter turning five.

I'm so glad I have these thoughts down on paper, as I was putting this post together I realised I had already forgotten many of these little things and they only happened a couple of months ago!


  1. It saddens me how quickly those things they say or do fade from our memories whne we think we'll hold to them for a lifetime. So glad you got these down :)

  2. A truly stunning photo and perfectly balanced page ... not to mention the journalling. You are brilliant!

  3. This really makes me want to write down thoughts about the kids right now.

  4. This beautiful journalling reminds me that I used to write letters to my son on his birthday when he was growing up. Your page is just fabulous.

  5. That photo is just brilliant!
    Alison xx


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