Wednesday, September 7, 2011

funny thing

if you think that bits of this page look a little like that they've come from CZ, the you'd be right!
IMG_9267Took just the text part of the CZ template and printed on plain white card, a strip of paper, thicker and photos. I think I also loosely based part of this on a page of Nicole's, but cannot remember know you see something you like and the little gem stays in your head for that "one day".
IMG_9266I didn't add the extra bit to point #6: Georgie told her father that mum had "a new boy, a little teeny tiny boy called Bill" - the look on his face was priceless - as he processed this information and she continued her story, he realised that I was not in fact pregnant and hadn't told him (as the little teeny tiny boy lived under Angus's cot and only came out at night).
Anyhow, pop back on Friday, its my turn for a challenge and apparently it must be a difficult one, according to the SAG's!



  1. Love it Sharon, Love the template. She is really very cute!!

  2. this is so the snapshot of Flossies personality xx


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