Sunday, August 21, 2011

Nicole's scrap space

Well I was just sitting down to an hour or two of scrapping, something which I haven't done for a LONG time, when I was reminded by the friendly SAG team, that I was supposed to be posting my scrap space today.  Oh...yeah....I knew that..... kind of....not.... so I grabbed the camera, snapped a few shots and am posting this, slightly later in the day that I should be.

I don't have a lovely dedicated room to scrap in. My scrap space is my dining room table. I actually don't scrap that often anymore. I still do a few pages a month, but I used to scrap a LOT, like, many times a week. So once a month or so, I pull out my stuff, and scrap like a mad woman for 2 days straight, get about 6 or 7 layouts done, then I pack it all away for another month or two. If the dining table's a mess with scrap stuff, we all eat at the bar stools in the kitchen for a few meals. Whatever. There are worse things in life. Scrapping means mess, that's the way it is.  Youngest girl tends to join me when I scrap, and adds to the mess with her craftiness.

So my dining room is the very front room in my little house.  As well as a dining table, there is a piano along one wall, a low cabinet (from ikea) along the back wall, and opposite that wall, are some IKEA 'expedit' shelves (officially a bookcase, I think) that house SOME of my albums. To add to Emma's Friday discussion, each child of mine has an album for each year of their life. Which is a little nutty, and the reason why I have slowed down on my scrapping the last year or two.  I also keep an album for layouts about me and my husband. We are currently on album number two. I don't have family albums, cause I don't want ANY MORE albums!! If I have a photo of the family, I scrap it three times - one for each kid. (yeah, yeah, I know you think I'm mad).

So here's the view of my dining room/scrap space.
The little old rustic drawers on top of the cabinet house equipment like Brad Pitts (containers that hold brads), punches, trimmer etc (see pic below). The cabinet itself hold cardstock, patterned paper and clear envelopes of paper scrap (store in upright holders).

(The baskets above are not scrap related, containing winter hats, summer hats, scarves, and place mats for the table. Little swing tags remind me and esp children which basket contains which items, so that they don't get all pulled out and ransacked in the pursuit of a sun hat!).

I cull my scrap supplies often, and try to get rid of whatever I don't need or use. I find too much 'stuff' and too many choices actually hinders the creative process because it's harder to make decisions and curb the mess. I can't be creative and enjoy the process if I'm in a big huge mess, surrounded by too much 'stuff' that I hardly use. I don't use ribbon or epoxy stickers or metal embellishments anymore, so I got rid of all that stuff. I keep things fairly minimal and basic. As a simple scrapper, I'm into my cardstock, my brads, and my letter stickers, which are kept in a box on the other side of the cabinet.

I'm also heavily into my computer. My good old (and I mean old) Mac. It's about 6 or 7 years old! But still very trustworthy and awesome. The computer is in tucked into the corner of my living room , kind of next to the dining room, with the kitchen in between. I need it to be here, cause I can see it from my kitchen, and with three kids hanging on the internet, I need to be able to SEE from where I am in the kitchen. So I just print out my journaling, then walk back to my scrap zone.  Here's my computer desk, and that little silver laptop looking thing on the high shelf to the right of the computer is my little printer. (Canon iP100) - LOVE its minimal-ness. Not the cheapest printer, but I'm so in love with it's smallness and it's print quality. It it accepts tiny little pieces of cardstock through it's feeder which is great. A darn good scrappers printer.

So there's my scrap space. A mix of my computer desk, which is just for when I'm on the computer, and my good old dining table.  Nothing too sophisticated going on here. But hey, as long as I produce a page or two, right? Now back to my afternoon scrapping!!! Looking forward to seeing the other girls scrapping spaces this week.



  1. Thank-you for the peep into your lovely, calm home. I love the way your scrap-space integrated with whatever else you do - and delighted to find someone who culls their stuff. I am thinking of slimming down too - I've moved from a simple scrapper to a minimal one!

  2. I wanna be like you when I grow up...just skip right over my mess on wednesday OK! Love it all Nicole

    my new canon printer is much bigger than that! perhaps they don't make them like that anymore...

    and I don't use ribbon (rarely did at all, didn't stop me from somehow gathering quite a supply) anymore, but I kept it, great for prettying up a brown paper wrapped gift!

  3. Sharon you are funny! The printer is totally still available, have made it a link. Alex, there are three wild children that live here too - not entirely calm.....

  4. I think we've passed comment before on how similar our scrap spaces are - mine is now considerably smaller!
    I do like being able to be part of what is going on in the family while scrapping, the dining table certainly has its merits ... even if we are eating off the floor in the meantime!

  5. Love it and love how neat it is! I'm with Sharon, you all might have to skip over my mess on Thursday! I better get tidying up before I take my photos!!

  6. It's not really that neat girls. Notice there isn't close up shots of the paper zone. There's all sorts of scraps and bits shoved in those shelves!!! Even spare page protectors are shoved in there somewhere.

  7. You have a great space. I love the side piece, that's awesome! I used to not have a dedicated space so I love to see examples of how to store supplies when you don't really have an entire room. This looks aweome!


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