Monday, August 22, 2011

Diane's Scrap Space

I am one of those lucky enough to have my own scrap space. I share it with my kids and love we can all hang in there together. When we renovated this house it was important to us to have some spaces we could use for specific purposes and we were lucky enough to have the room to do this. I don't just scrap here. It is where all our personal papers live and as I am a teacher (not working atm though) I wanted a space to prepare lessons and do marking so it wasn't all over the house.

This photo is taken from my kitchen across the lounge room and in the background you can see the double doors to the study.  The beauty of this room is it is part of the main living space but those wonderful doors can be shut and no mess can be seen.

This is my side of the room. The room is a essentially a home office or a study. It wasn't built as a scraproom as such but is PERFECT for that purpose.

And this is the little girls side. I do love having them so close. They do homework here, colour in, paint when I am not watching. My 8 year old has decided to start scrapbooking, she has a page in progress about her first best friend. They each have a magnetic board from KikiK for notes. They are learning French so there are some words on the cupboards and no room would be complete without a Sharks poster! They have a cupboard each and everything that comes home from school goes up there for me to sort through at some stage!

 As you can see I have pretty much everything close at hand. On the right is a cupboard where all my cardstock, pattern paper, magazines and other stuff lives. I do cull now and then. In the draws on the right I have all my pens, punches, adhesives, brads, trimmers, paper scraps...all the stuff I need to grab quickly. On the bench top I have a basket of letter stickers and a few embellishments, a box of "stuff" I am or want to work on and a photo box with all the photos I have printed. I never have more than what I can fit in the box but it is also never empty. Some of my albums are in the cupboards beside or above my desk and some are in the linen closet. My cameras all live in here in here too. Above the computer I have things like magazines, photos from Mum, some unused mini's, notes from any online classes.
I can see the TV from my chair and if I lean back I can chat to the Hubby. I do have a laptop I use a lot for digi scrapping and blogging so I spent more time on the couch than here. But I am planning a lot of non-digi pages once the WITL is finished. I need to feel the textures :)
It is not always this tidy but I have the double doors!!

Thanks for stopping by, I would have loved to make you a coffee, maybe next time :)


  1. this is the perfect room - close to the action and yet those doors? magic!

    although, even though I love my kids, they are far far too messy, I would not allow them in my space! Mine make a big mess just a step away from my space, downstairs on the patio.

  2. I must be strange but I really like the idea of being in there with the kiddos ... we have a room that will be a multi purpose room once the reno is finished, with a communal set up in mind. Looking very neat and tidy Miss Diane :-)

  3. That room is lovely - you are very lucky. My space is far too small for both of us to fit, but DD does like to muscle in. And it is NEVER that tidy so I still keep spilling over into the dining/living room.

  4. I love it Di and I want one!!! But you already knew that!

  5. Your space is so.... CLEAN! I love all the white and all the cabinets. So functional, yet so pretty.

  6. Wow! What a fabulous space!

  7. Great that you're still part of what's going on!
    Alison xx

  8. I must confess...I did tidy up before I took the photos ;)


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