Friday, August 12, 2011

All About Me.

Well not Me but You! Yep it's time to put yourself on a page. If your like me you have albums full of pages about your kids. Lots of wonderful pictures and memories recoded for them to look back on as they get older. But I am sure when they are adults they would love to know about us. Our thoughts, likes and interests. So this week our challenge is for you to create a page about yourself.

Here some pages from the SAG's girls to help get you started.

First off is Emma. Short simple statements are are simple an fast way to get your thoughts on paper. Try setting yourself a time limit, even just a minute, and write as many statements as you can think off. Don't worry about grammar this is NOT a school assignment :)

Nicole has simply used I to start each thought here. It is amazing how easy it is if you stick to this simple word as a starter.

BE HONEST!!! Embrace who you are and how you feel. Your family wants to know the real you!! Sharon has just said what she was feeling. Good on you Sharon!

Don't be afraid to be light hearted and have some fun with your jounalling. Here Amy has journaled a fun conversation with her hubby. I have never met Amy in the flesh ( ours is an online friendship) but from this page I know her and I (oh and a bottle of sav blanc) would get on famously. Her personalty shines through in this fun page.

And finally my page. I tiny bit of background on my life. 9 years ago I lost my son, Mark very very suddenly to Meningococca. I have slowly and steadily put my life back together and since had 2 more amazing daughters. I consider myself blessed to have my 3 girls and thankful for the time I had with Mark. Over the years I have found scrapbooking an amazing way to help me deal with so many emotions. This page is just how I was feeling at the time I saw the photo. My life as a Mother goes in all different strange directions so this journalling reflects this. Don't be afraid to put your heart on a page, even if you show now-one it just feels good to write it down.

Now there are NO EXCUSES...I know I said its not an assignment for school BUT seeing as I am a teacher I will keep you in if you don't do a page about yourself this weekend.
I will be checking in to make sure you have.
Now say it... Yes Miss Diane!!!


  1. Yes Miss Diane ... I suppose I should get around to doing a more current one ... let's see what I can come up with!

  2. Thank you to all of you for sharing an insight to each of you. It gives all of us permission to do a page and do the same. Love each and everyone of your amazing layouts. Di, I have finally posted some pages! Will get cracking on this asap!!!

  3. That scrapbooking psychic bond strikes again. I woke up this morning thinking, 'I need to do a snapshot of me page.' And then I read your post. Spooky

    P.S. KWYM about Amy ;0)

  4. All the pages are awesome girls! Might have to try a few of those ideas myself!

  5. Thanks girls for such a personal intimate look into each of your lives. Loved how "real" they were, you have inspired me x

  6. I see there are no date?
    Can we participate whenever?
    I would love to do so but I'm all booked for the next 10 days ;-(

    Thank you ladies, your pages are GREAT!

  7. just posted mine - thanks for the prompt that nudged me into creating layouts after a long gap

  8. Just posted mine..thanks for reminding us that future generations might like to know about US too!
    Alison xx


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