Friday, July 15, 2011

timeless.. a day late...hope the other SAGs dont catch me sneaking in today :)

I have a reason for todays page...

This page is almost 3 years old. I love that I can look back at it and it is still pleasing to me because nothing is distraction me from the memory. The memory of a big sister who loves and cares for her little sister. A big sister who is now almost 20 and heading of into the world of leaving home to work in another state. She will only be gone for 4 months this time but who knows next time. I am so thankful for a hobby that has enabled me to catch the treasured moments that all to fast are gone.

What do you love most about memory keeping?

Diane x


  1. What?? another state??? Must fill me in!!
    I just love that writing down my/our memories will preserve what will otherwise be promptly forgotten!

  2. Oh so very gorgeous - it doesn't matter how much you try to convince them either, if they are not ready they are not ready! Your younger girls are very lucky to have such a caring big sis :-)

  3. Oh love the simplicity of the page and love the patterned paper border!

  4. beautiful page and a beautiful memory.

  5. I have just been putting this week's LOs in the appropriate albums,and ended up looking through at things which brought back so many memories...I am so thankful I took up memory-keeping! Love your LO..the pic is so sweet- definately worth a thousand words!
    Alison xx

  6. Love this pic Di. You're right, this page will always be "in fashion".


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