Saturday, July 16, 2011

a forgotten page

jumping jack

I came across this page the other day - one that I had done digitally and forgotten about! (how could I!  since been added to the PRINT file!) and it reminded me of what this little calf used to get up to - not that I had forgotten, as the memory had been pushed to one side.

Template from CZ. Must use it again, it really suits portrait style photos - and I take most of mine in that style funnily enough.

The beauty of memory keeping for you. Capturing those little things before time and old age take their effect!

Sharon (click on my name to go to my blog)


  1. How good is this it! Great layout as well and colours are perfect!

  2. Brings back so many memories for me - nothing like training up a poddy!

  3. What a wonderful slice of Aussie life in the bush!!! Love it Sharon :)

  4. I love your title, very clever. Perfect layout, my eyes are instantly drawn to the pictures. Classic shots.

  5. Fantstic page and it deserved to be printed. :) The movement in those photos is wonderful too.


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