Wednesday, July 20, 2011

SOS No.1 - Renee

For the next four days we will bring you some fab layouts from some guest scrappers. We call them SOS's which originally started as 'Simple Overseas Scrappers' but now stands stands for 'Simple Other Scrappers', Aussie or otherwise! SOS basically means simple scrappers other than us!

First up today we have a page by Renee. Renee is a wife to one and a mum to two (girl aged 5 and boy age nearly 2), lives in Sydney and has been scrapping for about 6 years. Her style is eclectic, perhaps? Interesting, and earthy, and busy, but in a simple way. Renee is not into perfection, rather she embraces the creative 'imperfect' side of this craft. Renee has this fabulous scrawl handwriting, and tends to use that in favour of computer printing. She always has interesting and quirky photography happening.

This first layout is from 2008, and the journaling is about a chance that Renee and her husband had to go out together, childless, to a nice restaurant thanks to the generosity of some friends from church.  It's quite different to the rest of our styles here, which is why I wanted to show you. I love the energy and fun all those photos and strips give.  And the journaling captures a thought, a quick moment in time back then. Nice.  The layout inspiration here came from an Ali Edwards layout.

The second layout that Renee has let me use is a lift from an IKEA catelogue. It totally looks like a magazine article, huh? It is very visually interesting and tells quite a story with all those photos and the journaling.  I love the big postcode (zip code) It is about how three sets of friends were all moving away to a small coastal town, and Renee's feeling about it.
Thank you Renee!!


  1. Hi Renee! (I remember when you used to blog? was it at Remember When?)welcome ....great page!

  2. Hi Renee, great to see you here - thanks for contributing!

  3. Hey Renee...great to see you here :)

  4. Lovely designs - am a real fan of that second one especially, with its magazine style. Such a great format!

  5. Hi Renee, thanks for contributing! I've always found your layouts really interesting and these ones are no exception!!!!

  6. LOve that first LO particularly, it has a really casual feel to it!


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