Monday, July 18, 2011

Challenge #5 - Product

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Challenge #5 and its my (Emma's) turn to provide the challenge. It was suggested that I do a product challenge seen as I sell Stampin' Up! products and I thought that I'd choose the most obvious product...STAMPS! Now I have to admit, I don't often use stamps on my layouts, I save them for cards. However, occasionally a stamp works and I have to admit after doing my layout (and a couple of other layouts) I could be tempted to use them a little more!

So the challenge is USE A STAMP on your layout...any stamp is fine, including digital stamps, however I think we will exclude a date stamp as that would make it too easy! I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with. Here is my layout...

So can you pick which item is the stamp? Its the butterfly. This is a Stampin' Up! stamp that will be released in the new catalogue (Sept) and it is my favourite butterfly stamp. All I did was stamp it onto some white smooth cardstock and then cut it out. Now I know that seems like a lot of effort, but with the right pair of scissors cutting out an image is really quite simple. I also did another layout using stamps which I have posted on my blog to give you another example. However, below are layouts from the SAG Team and I must say they are all wonderful!

First up is Sharon's layout. She has used a digital journaling stamp and I just adore this layout. The whole concept is amazing and definitely one I am going to lift! The journaling stamp is perfect for this layout and I really like it. Something I couuld definitely see myslef using...might have to get one for my collection! Sharon did mention that it also comes in a real life stamp as well which is what I'd go for.

Next we have Amy's Layout...

Amy has also used a digital stamp - an Ali Edwards Hand Drawn Digital Stamp. This whole layout is another one I could definitely lift and I was very impressed that Amy made this template herself! It is awesome and I love the blues, plus the photo is priceless!

Nicole has used the traditional form of stamping with ink in this adorable layout.

Nicole has used a couple of different stamps, firstly one for the journaling block which allows her to handwrite which as discussed a week or so ago on the blog, is a very important part of scrapbooking. Secondly, she's used the circle stamps at the top and the bottom which add extra interest to the page. The photo is just gorgeous and the patterned paper matches perfectly!

Di has sent through an oldie but a goodie...

Di has used the "Our Family" stamp which is perfect for this layout.  I love that even though this is an older layout, it still looks great and has stood the test of time!
So now you have seen what the SAG team have done with stamps, both digital and inked, its your turn. I can't wait to see what you come up with. I'd also be interested to know if you use stamps very often in scrapbooking. Make sure you leave us a comment if you link up to the challenge so we don't miss anyone's layouts. Also, if you have any questions about stamping I'd be more than happy to answer, just leave a comment with your question.

Have a great week.


  1. Gosh...lots of great inspiration here Emma. Love the different uses of stamps...and that butterfly is veeeeery cute :)

  2. Fantastic pages ladies! Emma, I'd love to see more stamping on your layouts - if you do them that is - the texture that you have managed to add and still maintaining a lovely clean look is really snazzy!

  3. Love seeing everyone's pages and how we each treated the stamp challenge. I have to admit I don't do traditional stamping very often - I am too messy and end up with ink everywhere. I must do some more "digital" stamping though - print out journaling blocks and use my own handwriting like Nicole has done.

    great challenge Emma!

  4. Another great collection of layouts- but Sharon I have to know - what font is that?? I keep seeing it places and I love it!!

  5. res: it took me a while, but I trawled about my fonts and found it...the one I used is called sketch block, but I also have some other similar ones (why? dunno?!)
    one is ariapenciroman, another karabinE. and a slightly more industrial one is Rough Draft. And yes, I think I saw it in Donna Hay recently!

  6. Great question renee...have been seeing it everywhere too...even at the football last night and commented to hubby "that font is everywhere' a stupid "what a stupid thing to say while watching the footy" hehehehe

  7. Hi Emma, what a great challenge. I really love stamping on my pages and probably stamp onto pages more often than cards. Thank you for re-inspiring me to get my inks out!

  8. Lovely pages, each and every one. :) I rarely stamp on my pages, and am now wondering why, when I see such great effects!

  9. Hi Emma, i have linked two pages of stamping to my blog. Thanks. Jo

  10. Thanks for the challenge. This was a little more difficult for me.


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