Sunday, July 31, 2011


While I am well past the days of going to 'playgroup' with my children, I did this page only a few years ago, with old photos. I particularly like this page, because the top photo is of me and my eldest daughter, taken back when I didn't scrap (so I love to go back and remember stuff from this time through scrapping), and the other photo is one of me, aged 3, and MY mother, back in 1976.  It can help, colourwise,  to scan photos in and turn them all to black and white, but leaving them in the original  authentic colour can be just as effective!

I really really love finding links between family photos taken 30 years apart, and combining them on a page.  'Comparison' photos, I guess, with a story to go with them. Nice. 

Great discussion of photobooks yesterday and the previous day - thanks all for joining in.

Nicole x


  1. Simple and perfect. I so love finding the connections in photos too. Will have to pull one out on the same theme tomorrow. After WITL I am looking forward to getting back to some old photos and 'hands-on' scrapping :)

  2. Love this...what a great idea to link your childhood with your kids childhood! Love the layout too!

  3. I should do the same, but delving into the photo archives can lead to many many hours wasted, flipping through old, thick albums, and reminscing....

    great layout, as always your colour selection is perfection.

  4. This is an area of my scrapping I really want to develop - I don't pair older and newer photos as much as I would like and the connections are such powerful stories I know I want in my albums.

  5. I agree with Sharon...looking back through older albums is a great time waster :)
    Love this LO, I have done a couple of comparison LOs...even one without an older photo, just in the journalling.
    Would love to do more.

  6. I have some photos of me as a child which I wanted to scrap with photos of my daughter because everyone comments on how alike we are. Maybe I should use this as a spur to dig them out and do it.

  7. I love the black and white effect - and it's very stylish!


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