Thursday, July 28, 2011

Baby Face

Hi Everyone,

This is a layout I did last week, even though the photo is several years old. I found the photo in a box and was blown away by how little my youngest son looked. It brought back so many memories, so I thought why not journal about that! I don't know where the photo was taken or even the exact date but that doesn't matter, because it is about my feelings now looking back on the photo. I started scrapping about 5 years ago, so alot of my kids baby/toddler photos have no story because I don't always remember. So I find doing what I have done in this layout a good way to get around that. I don't do it with all the photos, just some of the random ones. As I commented yesterday, I'm a fan of the squares whether it be photos or paper. I think it adds interest to a page.

Don't forget to leave a comment on last weeks post so you are in with a chance to win some awesome Stampin' Up! goodies from me!!! This will close tomorrow, so get in now with your comments. The discussion has been very interesting and we are taking all your comments on board.

Also, pop back tomorrow for a new discussion.



  1. Yes, how quickly they change! Lovely photo and the coloured squares with the little it of texture are perfect.

  2. tell me about it! its true when they say they grow up so quickly...

    LOVE the squares!

  3. Oh gosh I love your journaling Emma, that is how I feel about my two!
    Those squares add just the right amount of texture, fantastic!

  4. The colours and simplicity of this is perfect Emma.

  5. Love the reverse symmetry you have used in this design.
    The squares of colour and texture are a great way to finish it off.


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