Saturday, June 25, 2011

a collection of photos

from different times throughout the year:

_MG_7069that when I put them all together in a little pile, started to tell their own story.

_MG_7071  And making myself use some diecuts and stickers that came with a pack of paper.

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  1. The layering around the journal block looks so lovely Sharon, your colours are fresh and soothing at the same time - love it!

  2. Hi there! This is a general comment regarding ALL of the beautiful layouts I have seen so far on your site. I love the simple and clean look of them! What a breath of fresh air!! I enjoy adding more stuff to my pages, but I honestly think it's more because I feel I "have to because everyone else does". Silly, I know. I am wondering if any of you lovely ladies ever use your own handwriting for your journalling. I don't particularly like my handwriting but I make many of my layouts in hopes that my children will enjoy them after I'm gone (I'm only 33 so it will be a while, but still...). I have found great comfort in finding old notes or pictures with my Mother's or Grandmother's handwriting. I'm worried future generations are going to miss out on that. I was just curious of your thoughts on this topic. :)

  3. Hi Amy,

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment!

    Regarding handwritten journaling, for myself, the reason why I rarely handwrite is because I seem to have a lot of journaling on each page and it simply doesn't fit! It does cross my mind to get some on a layout every now and then and I should make more of an effort - I have snippets here and there on some pages but never great paragraphs.

    Sometimes I do add handwritten notes to the back of my pages so I suppose it is there in some form. Thanks for your question, I am interested to see what the others think about this too!

  4. oh I love when random single photos can be used together like this.
    I also love your whimsical embellies, I love using them sometimes too.
    Gorgeous page Sharon!

  5. Hi Amy,
    Thanks for your comments! As for handwriting, I don't do it very often as I have terrible handwriting!!! I do however, like you, think that one day my kids will like to see things with my handwriting, so when I have something that doesn't have too much to say, I will handwrite. I never love these pages though because I'm never happy with my handwriting - thats probably why I don't post them!!! Sometimes I will type the journaling but handwrite the date and age or something like that, just to make it a little more personal!!!! Thanks for stopping by the blog!

  6. Hey Amy: I'm a bit like both Amy and Emma - I can't fit as much with my own handwriting, and don't like the way it looks on the page-its not even enough to look tidy or arty enough to look cool. Although you do make a good point and I will have to try and do it more often. I do find my thought process is different when I write with a pen instead of typing! (its easy to hit the delete key and edit the words!) Perhaps this is good fuel for a challenge in the future!

  7. Hi Amy.
    I totally agree we should try and include our handwriting. But like the other girls I dont often for all the same reasons.I have done a few pages. I am sure Nicole will pop in soon and have the best answer for you. And yes I do think we need a handwriting challenge.

  8. Great Layout SHaron, really really like it!!
    Amy, I think you have raised a fantastic discussion point re hand writing. I do use hand writing quite a bit because I think it's so important for my children and future generations to have something 'real' not just a computer printout. However, like the other Amy said, if I have a lot to say, and often I do, I find it much easier to fit it all in using a computer, and I can organise my thoughts better by making use of the copy, cut and paste keys.

    Attn: SAG team, how about we all try to post a layout with handwriting on it?

  9. I should add, that I often write names, ages and dates in handwriting, somewhere on the layout.

  10. I should add. I love this layout Sharon. You have such a mix of photos but it is still such a relaxed and easy to look at page.Where did you get the fancy stuff??


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