Saturday, June 25, 2011

but wait, there's more!

A commenter today, Amy, raised a valid point about using our handwriting on our pages. We discussed this to some extent in our comments (read the comments in the post below) and our resident Queen of Handwriting On Pages, Nicole, suggested that we share layouts with our handwriting.

I have to confess I had to go into the "archives" to find these examples, and that I haven't done page with handwritten journaling on it for quite some time.

ARTWORKA perfect example of why I DON'T like my handwriting  - errors (not even spelling errors, just writing completely the wrong word!) This is pretty much my day to day handwriting and not overly even or pretty to look at. Ok for writing cheques and paying the bills! HOWEVER, had I actually scribbled out what I had to say on a scrap bit of paper and tidied the wording up and worked on spacing, I am sure I would have been more satisfied.

bdayPlease do excuse the awful (and crooked photo, Nicole will have a pink fit!). If I remember rightly, this page was based on a sketch challenge by Nicole herself. This time I drew lines with a coloured felt tipped pen (I used a ruler as a very rough guide so they were basically straight) and then I wrote my journaling in pencil first. I even wrote captions on the photos as I wanted to include a couple of little bit of detail about the photos I had used.

Please note, you will often see dodgy birthday cakes featured on my pages and on my blog. I am becoming well known for my efforts! (or lack thereof!)

Look out for some more handwritten pages from the gang this week, and feel free to post some of your own - just leave a comment with a link to your blog, or pop them onto our Flickr page - but please still leave a comment so we know to go there and have a look!


  1. You flip. You have great handwriting!!
    But the cake making...well ;)

  2. You ladies are awesome! I had no idea I would get such wonderful and timely responses from you regarding my comment on using our own handwriting. :) You all also made some excellent points and gave me some good ideas as well. I like the ideas of adding simple names or dates in your own handwriting and writing additional "notes" on the back of the layout itself (which would almost be like a surprise bonus of my handwriting!). I completely appreciate how much easier it often is to just type out longer journalling as I do it myself occasionally. I live that it ends up much more legible, it's quicker (I type faster than I can write, too), and I LOVE spell check. I'm excited to see what other challenge results you get from this (and your handwriting is NOT bad!!). I am going to try to reverse the challenge and try to make my next few layout using my computer again for journalling. :) It may be a while as I spen much of my time chasing around my toddler and prepping for #2's arrival in a couple weeks. Thanks again for all your feedback and insight!! Love this blog!! :)

  3. ohmygosh Amy I love your handwriting, it looks like a font!

  4. Sharon, your handwriting is ALWAYS gorgeous - it suits a layout really well!

  5. Nice, Sharon, and I am not pink fitting at all!:) Your pages look fab.

  6. I agree, your handwriting is really neat...I can totally relate to writing the wrong word at times!!

    Just the "artwork" LO 12x12 or smaller?

  7. Jaki, the artwork page is 8x8, I should have said so in the post...


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