Sunday, January 6, 2013

Are you still sitting down?

Hope you're still sitting, because although you haven't heard from me for what feels like years, there's more to come! 

The following are all instagram pics. 

1. These photos were my very first instagram pics, and I printed them 2 x 2" at home, and stuck them on the cardstock individually, old school. Hand drawn dodgy black line drawn around the collection.

2. The layout below was an 8 x 10 photo of a collage made up of 4 instagram pics.  I put the journaling on (CK Kojin font) in photoshop. I actually stuck the pp heart on the photo after it was printed. This was my fave instagram photo of the year.  Stuck the whole 8x10" photo on some black cardstock.

3. Printed out these square instagram photos (you can print square at Harvery Norman) and scrapped them the old fashioned way with glue and paper! No photoshop! Apologised to the girl in the journaling for such crappy photos taken on the phone in very low westfield light. I know there's a typo in the journaling on this one. Will fix!


  1. These are lovely ... I especially like the very moody and atmospheric second page, which is stunning.

  2. Again would love to know how you get your instagram photos looking so good!!!

  3. brilliant, and yes any photo is better than none...have a girl here counting down til her 10th bday late this month!

  4. Great to hear from you Nicole and see some more of your lovely pages - I'll just comment on this post rather than all three ... I'd end up saying the same thing otherwise!

    I am sitting down - and quite amazed that one of us here has done some scrapping! Once the holidays finish I have scrapping to do - with fresh photos and a freshly inspired attitude!


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