Friday, June 8, 2012

Some orange (and some graffiti!)

The end of the week of orange.  I love orange, though I have no idea why? I don't like it hugely in real life, but I love it on scrapbook pages.  Just this minute, I have put together a paper layout so I could share it with you. It isn't as blatantly 'orange' as I thought it would turn out, looking at the photo, but there is certainly some orange going on! Here it is, hot off the press.

On browsing through some older layouts this morning , in the hunt for orange, this one jumped out at me, purely on it's 'orangeness', and coincidentally, happens to be running along a similar theme to the layout above!

(And here's another photo, waiting to be I have a graffiti issue???)

And do I want to go to this place below? Um...gasp...yes, please?? Sadly I can't, as it's been closed to the public (not that it was ever opened to the public, it was just an abandoned depot, which is now guarded by several large and apparently very aggressive rottweiler guard dogs!)

(Photos by Susan Clark and William Cowan respectively)

Anyway, I have been distracted, and will now return to orange! Will throw you a couple of OLD yet favourite orange pages, these being 12 x 12, a size which I no longer scrap in. I'm a 8.5 x 11 scrapper now, due to it's speediness and ease! These layouts below have some Ali Edwards influence which that circle word stamp - must dig that up out of my supplies!

See you next week, for a new colour of the rainbow, from which to be inspired!  

PS. Apologies for mid post distraction!


  1. Yep, orange is fantastic and I love your hot off the press layout - graffiti can look very cool, we have some great areas down here set aside specifically for graffiti artists.

  2. its the artist in you, and your love of colour, as isn't graffitti (the good stuff) just another form of art?

    as usual, love em all.

  3. Love your pages !!
    I miss not seeing the dates on the posts though...;-S

    Greetings from Chicago~


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