Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Yellow...or lack of!

Hi everyone,

I'm back after a bit of a holiday with my family. And I've come back to a week of Yellow...hmmm I have to admit its a colour I rarely use on layouts. Its not that I don't like yellow, its a very happy colour. Its more that I find it hard to use on layouts.

Which means I have no layouts to show you! I flicked through my albums and couldn't find anything with yellow! Then I sat down to create something and realised I didn't even have anything yellow to use! However, I did find a little set I made last mothers day. Its a matchbook album, card and little paper bag. So I thought I'd show you this as its better than nothing!

This is the set...its pretty bright and I'm not sure I'd use this colour combo on a scrapbook layout, but its definitely fun and makes me happy looking at it! The matchbook album is in the middle. Below are a couple of inside shots of the album. My mum loved this and still carries it in her handbag to show off her grandkids to her friends! Its very easy to make!

So I apologise for not having a yellow layout to show you, but hope you have enjoyed looking at these instead! Hopefully I'll have something better for next week's colour!



  1. love it emma, certainly a bright and cheerful combination!

  2. They are super cute Emma!


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