Friday, May 18, 2012

Last of the pink pages

Well as usual with these colour weeks, I have had some serious decision making issues as I scrolled through all my old pink pages. My three daughters are seriously not into pink now, but of course when they were little we lived in a world of pink.  I did a layout of my clothesline with all the pink clothes hanging on it once, my fellow simple girls might remember it.

So even though my girls mostly refuse anything pink nowadays, I do have a pinkish layout that is new, I only did it a few weeks ago. It uses some Instagram photos that I printed at home myself. If you haven't yet got onto Instagram, wow, you might want to look into it. LOVING it. If you have a smartphone, there's no excuse - do it now, but apparently you can get onto it with out one - Sharon? Is that right?  You don't have to share your photos with the world if you don't want to on instagram (you can be a private user), but if you want to share them, you can.  I choose to share my photos with a select few, and it is so fun to see the photos that my few friends have taken and share mine at the same time with them.  Anyway, I am loving the blur tool, and the filters that instagram allows, and I'm loving taking really cute pics without having to haul out the camera.  I even took the photo of my layout on my phone (by getting directly above it!!).

I find it fascinating, that the world now TRIES to take photos that have heaps of grain and 'noise' and weird colour - that look 1970's ish, considering they spent years trying to get rid of those elements out of photography.

So here's my most recent layout, that has bits of pink.  Watermelon-y warm pinks.  Still finding very old scraps of patterned paper to use!  Can you believe I still have remnants of this old American Crafts paper?? (Black/white one on the right).

This next layout is SIX years old!  That bubby is now eight . I always liked the composition of this layout, and it is decidedly pink, flower and all, so I share it with you.

And this last layout below, is a 'calendar' of the month of February, 2007 for middle daughter. A nice reminder of what we did back then, and how we filled our days.  Also, fairly 'pink'. Might be good to go back and revisit this calendar idea now that life is busier as the kids are older.

Hope you have enjoyed our 'pink' week. Next week  - a NEW colour!
Nicole xx


  1. I love how your simple designs are timeless! You were very wise to keep it simple. Beautiful pages!

  2. love em all (and that paper, you sure know how to stretch out the goodness) loved that hairdressing layout back in the day, and love it still now, the only thing that dates it a bit is the flower!

  3. I sent a lot of paper scraps off to kinder last year!
    The top two designs are fabulous Nicole and I do like the calendar idea - it isa simple snapshot into life!

  4. That seconds page is my favourite - great balance and, of course, I love rounded corners ...


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