Wednesday, April 18, 2012

paper scrappin'

A miracle has occurred. I have scrapped!! Only a page or two, and nothing very exciting (my creativity has currently left the building) but I will take what I can get. It is school holidays, a very rainy day, kids are all here watching old pixar movies, and I decided to sneak an hour and scrap! It was quite a shock to do something that I'd almost forgotten how to do!!  You can see by the date on the layout that I am more than slightly behind in my scrapbooking. I have so much that I want to scrap, that it's all quite overwhelming, but I just decided to pick up some photos and just do it. Not get wrapped up in what I should be scrapping or too overwhelmed at what needs to be scrapped - just pick up the first bundle of pics on my pile and just do it.  Some good old fashioned, quick, paper scrappin'. Wonder if I'll get another page in this afternoon?

I even drew up a very dodgy quick sketch for you in case you, like me, accidentally take way too many photos and need a layout for up to 10 pics!  Measurements of those little photos, to save you the hassle if you use the sketch are 6.5 x 8.5cm. This is my baby girl, who turned 8 yesterday.

Nicole x


  1. well Nic you say you are rusty but this is bloody BRILLIANT! (scuse the french)LOVE IT! will be lifting it for sure, as I am feeling a bit rusty myself to be honest.

  2. well darm well chase hat creativity...oh dont worry...I will ;)

    LOL...$2 a DVD at the local shop today...girls have 2 and I am in the scraproom...dusting of the cobwebs too :)

    Right...that sketch is mine the and green ...sigh.

  3. It's very good to see your Paper Scrappin' self here today Nicole!

    Scrapping? Hmm, what is that again?! And, you are still on holidays? We are back in the swing of things this week, always a jolt to the system!

  4. Thanks for that. I have a wedding album to do and I think that will work for the guests page.

  5. Measurements of those little photos, to save you the hassle if you use the sketch are 6.5 x 8.5cm. Yeah Amy, week 2 of the holidays here now...

  6. Oh love it Nicole...things are the same here, not much time to scrap! Hoping to get some more time once school goes back! But I do love that sketch, a great way to use lots of photos!

  7. Super pair of pages - love the addition of the papers and the reds. Great sketch ...

  8. Love the sketch...and your pages!
    Alison xx


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