Wednesday, March 28, 2012

title page

I like to have a title page that signifies or separates the  different years in the kids albums, as I have multiple years worth of pages in each ring bound album of the kids.  This time I used a couple of favourite photos that weren't used elsewhere on a layout. I never seem to have a problem in finding a spare photo :-)

IMG_0009I've been trying to make an effort to use those diecuts that come with some paper packs. In this case it made the page come together very quickly. I also used some of my favourite fabric thickers, which were white and didn't look right, so I "borrowed" one of the kids felt pens in an appropriate colour and bob's your worked!

Gosh, three was a cute age for my boy. He is so big now (but not, all at the same time) He's gone off to school today insisting on wearing the saggiest bummed underpants ever (under his school shorts obviously!)  Says they are comf-a-bul. 

I'm rambling!  Share your title pages with us, do! we would love to see them. You know the drill, leave a comment with the details! (if I get my act together I'll do the Mr Linky thing)


  1. That is gorgeous Sharon!! I was going to get mad with you because there was no journaling, but then I read that is is a title page, so all is forgiven! It is very cute!!!

  2. Ha! Yes, Nicole ... I had to look twice as well!

    And, I am not sure why you are always saying that you are a lazy scrapper ... title pages WITHIN an album ... I don't even do them at the start of one! Impressive!

  3. well my albums are chronological and it makes sense - to me - to seperate the years?!!!

  4. A bit partial to comf-a-bul undies myself.
    I love your title page ... but in other news you need to do an 'Amy' and update your profile pic!

  5. Beautifull pictures...I love this smile!!!


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