Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Sketch | Seven

Okay, this is the one where I'm going retro. Retro as in, poorly photographed layouts from a couple of years ago before I started digi scrapping and before I really knew how to line up a photo. But, perhaps you'll forgive me when I say that all my older albums are in deep storage due to forever ongoing house renovations and this is the best I can do ....

Anyway, today's sketch is perhaps my most used sketch from my paper scrapping days. Seriously, if I have twenty pages with this exact same design I would not be surprised, it always just seemed to work for me and I liked that I could use a 5x7 photo and still fit in plenty of journaling space.

Here's the sketch.

And, here are three examples - all paper layouts.

What I like is how easy it is to convert an idea from a traditional layout into a digital template.

And, just because you have been so patient with my dodgy photos, I'll be back on Monday with a digital 'new' version of this sketch. As always, if you decide to give this one a go and end up blogging it, don't forget to link up and drop us a line in the comments ... we get excited about that sort of stuff!


  1. amy all of these pages are brilliant, and even though they are built on the same premise they are all different. and you are so good at capturing conversations!

  2. Yep I can relate to all of those. I wish I could mange to capture them as you do. So often I think I should scrap that and then life moves on, I haven't recorded it and it gets lost. Your kids are so lucky to have you to record all these little things.

  3. I would have well more than 20 layouts of this sketch - one that I have used constantly for the 7 years that I've been scrapping!

  4. Love them all...Julie's right- you are so good at recording conversations!
    Alison xx


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