Wednesday, March 7, 2012

just one more

the run of divided page protector pages is coming to an end, you will be relieved to find I am sure. But I am pleased that it got me back in the scrapping saddle after many months of not doing any at all.

IMG_0291This time I chose to print a photo I liked as an enlargement on my printer at home, I only had two photos and didn't really want to crop them both down for this big page. It makes a nice change, as I normally just use standard 4x6 photos.

(BTW, does anyone have any hints on how to get your printer calibrated with pse? The enlargement printed far darker than it showed on the screen. I have a canon iP4850)

IMG_0292IMG_0294I think I may have used those stickers last week :-) and finally, a use for those die cut journaling blocks, I never know what to do with them (not using my handwriting a lot on my pages, and yes I KNOW, Nicole, I should!)  great for title placement!

Anyone with any questions,  ideas or suggestions, for what you would like to see on the blog here, please don't hesitate to leave a comment anytime, we look forward to your feedback and love nothing better than a good discussion!


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  1. My printer and screen are not calibrated, but, when I had my photobook printed the colours were great. Google it Sharon, that's what I did - in the end, my screen wasn't as far out as I had initially thought- I think it's more a printer thing.

    Great layout - I like the enlargement!


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