Tuesday, February 21, 2012


As you all know, I've been doing the Twelve class by Stacy Julian over at Big Picture Classes.

It is really inspiring me to think more and delve deeper for my journalling. One of the things Stacy got us to think about is places we have lived throughout our lives. Personally, I haven't lived in that many different homes, but all the homes I have been in have been special in different ways. When I started thinking about all the different places, some wonderful memories came flooding back.

In particular was the first home my hubby and I lived in after we got married. We had a few really happy years there in particular because it was the excitement of being married and having our own home. I realised I'd never really talked to the kids about this house. I went rumaging through old photos and found exactly what I was after. A couple of photos of John and I outside the house. The kids thought it was wonderful and wanted to know all about that house. So this is the layout I did based on all these thoughts. I plan on doing other layouts for the other places I have lived.

So I challenge you to think about all the places you have lived and create a layout on it. It could be one layout listing all the different places or it could be an individual layout for one of the places you have lived like mine is.

I found this topic really fun to do and I loved the memories it brought back!


  1. I have actaully done a layout where I grew up, I might post it tomorrow! great page Emma

  2. I have a couple of pages about areas where I've lived but nothing with detailed journaling like this one - it's a great idea Emma!

  3. I love memories...with naturel pictures...
    Bravo pour ce journaling

  4. I really wish I had done this class now!! Love your journalling :)


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