Friday, February 3, 2012

First days

Hi all, long time no see!! It's certainly been a while!

Well we are all back from summer holidays and the new year has begun with kids back at school, and the reality of everyday life and rountines awkwardly finding their way back into our worlds.

If you live in our part of the world and if you have kids, chances are you will be experiencing some first days. We just experienced first day of high school this week with my eldest girl, you might be doing first days of preschool, kindy, primary, or university?

My youngest girl is going into year 2, so now that our 'first days of school' are officially well past,  I gathered everybody's first day photos, including my own (most flattering kindy shot ever...) and scrapped them all together on a layout. My mum took the photo of me in the 70's in front of our mail box, so I followed the tradition with my own girls.

Got any 'first days' going on in your life at the moment?


  1. How sweet is this! A real ahhh factor! What a super idea. :) Up and over here, we are in the depths of winter with temperatures of minus 12 and snow on its way. Longing to be able to get back into a summer dress like your lovely daughters!

  2. Happy New Year Nic!
    Why yes, we have a first day for the youngest child arriving in two short sleeps .... one is a little bit excited!

    I might have to raid Mum's photos to see if I can find my first day of school one ... I do know that I had extremely short hair as I took to the scissors myself just the week before and had to have the hairdresser make drastic repairs!

  3. my first thought was how tiny they all look! (have missed seeing their adventures the past few months) I don't have a first day shot, as I grew up on a remote area mum taught us school - and only now do I appreciate what a task that was!

  4. Those silly school cases...!!
    School backpacks are such a great invention!
    I have a first day photo of me an dmy three girls. I never thought to do this... Great idea!

  5. Ah my fav type of scrapping...will have to pull out the first days here too!!!

  6. Oh I live that! And I need to see how you write up your week planner so you remember who goes where when and when you have to have a car dinner ... Help please you are te master of structures for creative people. Renee

  7. I love this and I will be able to easily do it in 12 x 12! So excited that you are all blogging again-


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