Friday, December 2, 2011

Who's in?

Well, it's December 2nd and so far i am on track with my Daily December :)

Day 1 photos.

Each year we think we have enough decorations but each year there are always new fun things to be found.
1. There are two of these 'Ho Ho'.
2. I liked the idea of this advent calendar. It hangs on our front door.
3. They where well priced and well they are blue!
4. We all need Christmas cups for out milk each day :)

The template is an Ali Edwards one.  I am using these and some bits and pieces in my stash to create a hybrid album. 
Are you doing a December Daily? 
Leave us a link in the comments if you are so we can link you up on our Daily December page.


  1. I'm in with December Daily and you can see my 1sr day here:
    Great idea to link us all up!

  2. I sure am!

  3. lol at your blue trees - of course you would have blue trees!

    I am certainly DD-ing!

  4. I love it all, and you know what, we still don't have a solitary decoration out of storage, apart from the stuff the kids have brought home from school...


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