Wednesday, December 14, 2011

summer days

I have a confession to make:  I haven't scrapped in MONTHS. Ever since life got a little crazy and wearying around here. But I can feel a change coming, the days are slowing down and sure there are still plenty of things to do, I can feel my mind slowing too and in turn allowing the thoughts of some creative fun sliding in slowly.

Speaking of slowing, you may have noticed that we are slowing down around here at SAG's as well. Summer school holidays have started up here in the far north, with my southern friends starting soon, but with all of the associated crazy that comes with the end of the school year (and one of our group heading overseas on a most exciting white Christmas adventure!) . Its that time of the year, it isn't called the silly season for nothing!

So, while I haven't scrapped, I have been thinking of it, and scribbling down or blogging little memories. And my thoughts are again turning to a blog book, one way of capturing a years worth of memories - already written, photos already selected! Hoping that Blurb may have made the process a little easily since the last time I looked...any further suggestions on this one, dear readers?

I am also noticing a recurring theme so far during these first couple of weeks of our summer holidays....(and please do excuse my stumpy legs)

IMG_1570 water, sun, kids, and green grass! It has entered my mind that I could do a book of Summer Days, which would contain a great deal of images like this, but in all likelihood, in the name of efficiency (and a smaller carbon footprint :-) snort) I will do, at the end of the holidays, a simple collage of images, make a nice big double page layout summarising these lazy summer days (for each child) and call it done.

If you are in Australia, are you slowing down too, or is the pace simply increasing?




  1. It's full tilt down here this week and I am hanging out for Sunday when things start to slow down a lot!
    Just this week I have reached the stage where I am over the thought of making pages [other than my DD ones] and am looking forward to taking a stack of photos and just having them sit around for a bit!

  2. love it- great pic-I need/want/can/t wait to scrap. I am looking forward to having the kids all to myself from the end of school till the start next year (and hopefully my husband won't be too busy with work!) Ahh bring on Summer-now if the weather could catch up here in Sydney I'll be very grateful.

  3. Scrapping?? What is that again? Oh yeah, well it has crossed my mind,I think, but no nothing has happened here for a very long time. Sadly life has been increasing with pace, but maybe this week, now that all the presentation night, yr 6 farewells, End of year school parties and picnics, graduation ceremonies etc have ended, things may slow a tiny bit. Of course it would help if I'd STARTED Christmas shopping....


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