Monday, November 14, 2011

Remembering their toys

Meet Jesse and Woody from Toy Story.

Chances are you've already met them if you have kids! These two have been played with in our house for close to eight years now, and they have definitely seen better days. They get put in pot plants, endure makeovers, and have regular excursions to the back yard. They are still played with constantly and much loved. And it is for this reason I have wanted to record them down on paper for my girls. I did a double page layout for each of my younger daughters.

Both girls got the same first page (which is a Cathy Z template found here and then printed as an 8x10 photo), and the second page is an 8x10 enlargement of each girl.
Here's the other daughters second page photo.

If you want to see how I scrapped this toy cow for my eldest girl head over here.

I think it's a great thing to do, to scrap the play things that mean a lot to your kids. Won't they love to look back on it when they are all big and grown!
What favourite toys could you document for your kids? Or maybe you still have a special toy, from your childhood that you should record? Please share!

Nicole xx


  1. Both of our kids were given special blankets when they were born, to this day they both still love to snugle with their repective 'blankies' and I have been thinking how I can capture those moments for a scrap page ... a blanket is hard to photograph by itself and the kids are too self conscious to have a photo all snuggled in. Anyway, I will come up with something I am sure.

    I love this double page spread and I particularly love the photos you have taken to go with the beautiful journaling.

  2. Obviously as it is Monday morning my ability to spell has yet to reach me ... I believe I was trying to say 'snuggle' and 'respective'!

  3. Must be Monday morning because I hadn't noticed any spelling errors and read it just as you intended.
    Snap a photo of the kids snuggling with their blankies, without them knowing?? All photographing mum's need a certain level of sneakiness and deceit!

  4. firstly, I am going to get this template right now as I looked at the other day...but now I see it used, I HAVE to have it.

    secondly, apart from the great layout, what struck me was the FANTASTIC PHOTOS! Nicole your management of light is just perfect!

    will share an old layout on Wednesday that I did about my oldest daughters attachment to her little blanket as a toddler that got the name of Muckie...and it still is on her bed these days!

  5. Your girls will indeed love these LOs when they are older!
    Alison xx

  6. Your pages, photos, and daughters are all beautiful. I'm pretty sure Buzz is going to be around my house for awhile too.


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