Monday, November 21, 2011

recipe for a layout

A 5x7 photo
some journaling printed on white cardstock (hint: print journaling first on a larger white sheet then cut it down to fit).
8.5x11 sheet of kraft cardstock
a cardstock punched flower with a brad,
a scrap of patterned paper (1.5 x 5")
Some letter stickers.

1. Stick photo on the kraft cardstock, so that the heads are approx placed a third of the way down the page. You can use old ingredients for these recipe, a 7 month old photo is still good!
2. Stick the white cardstock with journaling on it below the photo. Stick a 1/4" thin strip of white cardstock across the width of the page, along the top of the photo.
3. Fill in the gap beside the photo with a leftover scrap of pretty paper.
4.  Poke a hole through the white cardstock, anyway you know how, and stick the brad through the flower punch and through the cardstock underneath.
5. Stick on your title, starting with the the last letter first, so it fits and looks good (I always know where I want the title to end, but not necessarily where it will begin!?).
6. Stick a brad at either end of the title if you want to.
7. 15 minutes since you started, sit back and admire your simple, classic layout, that will still look simple and classic in years to come. Lean it up against a lamp or something on a bench or shelf for a week or two, for all to enjoy, then stick it in an album, and do it all again with another photo.
8. Enjoy!



  1. #7 is exactly right, I bet you have used this design before and apart from the obvious aging of the kids, we wouldn't know what year you did it!

    PS I love the way you wrote the methodology!

  2. Right...I will cook today for sure!!!
    And I will post it this afternoon. xx

  3. Love it! Great layout. Need to give it a go for sure.

  4. brilliant, and what a gorgeous photo of siblings interacting!

  5. Fabulous layout ... I love this! :)

  6. TFS! I saw your page on Pinterest, and used it as inspiration for my latest lo. It's posted on my blog:


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