Wednesday, November 16, 2011

an oldie

continuing on the topic of kids toys.
an 8x8 page with 4x6 photo - I did a whole album of 8x8 for this child, thinking that it would make the process quicker. It probably did but I found it sort of limited my options of what I could do.
Muckie (there are multiple Muckies now, but they all have the same name) still resides on both girls bed, and the boy has one too but he did not develop the same attachment, he has a few different teddies and the ones invited to sleep with him changes on a daily basis. I think he would much rather sleep with one of his trucks if he were allowed!

thanks for dropping by!


  1. This is such a super sweet page Sharon!
    I really must work out a way to photograph the precious blankies at our place!

  2. Such a very sweet and touching photo ... Lovely to have a memory of it recorded like this.


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