Wednesday, October 5, 2011

making it achievable

One thing I am quietly pleased about is that through sharing how I have used divided page protectors on my blog, I have two of my friends "memory keeping". It may not be scrapbooking as the purists may see it, but it is still MEMORY KEEPING a step further along the line from simply slipping photos into an album.  One friend, a mother of four, has a D Ring album for each child, with simple divided pockets that hold 4x6 photos.  She slips in her photos, keeps one pocket per double spread empty and in there she puts her notes and journaling.

I keep suggesting to throw a few bits of patterned paper into the mix, and with the arrival of her fourth child - finally a girl! - I sent to her some lovely little girly Echo Park paper pads to assist in this endeavour. I'll see if I can get her to share.

So, you can tell I really really love divided page protectors. Especially when I am feeling particularly lazy and but wanting to get through some photos and put pages in albums.


This is far from a perfect page (the two polar opposite patterned papers on each page? WHAT WAS I THINKING? do you have moments like that? sadly, my super strong tape did not allow for easy removal, so I got over it at the time and moved on). However it's done, and captured some moments of this child's life.


I particularly love these AC divided pockets for offering both orientations of photos, which suits me perfectly. I take MOST of my photos in portrait orientation, which bucks the norm.

IMG_9248 What I love even more that I was feeling just a little bit crafty, so happily fiddled with just those two 4x6 bits of card with thickers and my sewing machine, and it was over, done with. SO quickly! Slip them into their pocket and done. And no trimming of photos. SO easy.

Do you use divided protectors? yes/no/maybe? do let me know your thoughts!



  1. love it! great idea. Thanks ladies for making sure your posts are able to be seen via an RSS reader. I'm now reading you again :)

  2. I have purchased 4 D-ring binders and enough of those page protectors to reorganize ALL of my old photos which are currently languishing sideways and storyless in old pocket albums or even worse in "magnetic" albums. I am SO looking forward to reorganising all my old photos, reuniting them with memorabilia and finishing off with papers from my stash. I LOVE how Ali Edwards and Liz Tamanaha use those albums for her Project Life.
    What are "polar opposite patterned papers"?!

  3. I love this idea and seeings that I am about 10 months Behind (I know we shouldn't talk about being behind but I can't help myself) I think I will get through some pages quickly yet still be able to be creative with a couple of pockets! But moreover I really love the look of the layout AND the pp, I think it works really well with the greens in common, love it!

  4. Love this. I just purchased my first pack of divided page protectors a few weeks ago, but haven't actually used them yet. You've given me the inspiration to pull them out and give it a go!

  5. I use these page protectors all the time. I find they are great for event where I have taken a lot of photos, such as family holidays or a birthday party. I pick a few key photos to include in a traditional scrapbooking layout, then put the rest in the dividers. I might add extra journalling in a pocket if I need to. I love your blog - keep up the great work! Rebecca

  6. hi esther, thanks for dropping the polar opposites: I just thought that the papers that I used for the little banner (some scraps) had NOTHING at all to do with the cow paper I used on the opposite pocket - obviously I changed my mind what I was doing half way through...

  7. I don't use them at present but can see the attraction! Love how you've shown they're not just for photos... and how interesting a page!

  8. yes I use them more and more - sometimes to create a layuot like you did and sometimes I use PSE to add words and / or overlays to a photo to create a memory record within a 4 x6


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