Thursday, October 13, 2011

Another Mini

Hi all, sorry a bit late in the day for my post again, but I made it. So I thought seen as the SAG girls have shared a few minis lately that I'd add one of mine. This is several years old, but I've always loved it. Its the story of my sons first year of soccer. The Manager of the soccer team wrote these amazing match reports that were funny and informative. So I just got a whole bunch of the reports and combined them with photos and I added my own thoughts in the introduction and conclusion. Its a very simple layout.

The cover...remember those circular metal rimmed tabs that were really in a few years back, I still love them!

First page of the album with an introduction.

Inside pages.

The back conclusion page.

The patterned papers are an old Stampin' Up! set which comes in handy for things like this as they all co-ordinate.

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  1. Emma, I love the colour in this mini and I am wondering what sort of album you have used?

  2. love it too emma, simple and perfect.

  3. From a fellow soccer Mum, LOVE this Emma!!!! I'm not showing this to Marc cause he'll make me do it for sure!! He writes long, funny and informative match reports every week. He has a reputation as 'that guy who writes the longest match reports ever' throughout the club.

  4. Emma, I love the soccer album mini as Amy was wondering what sort of album it was. A beautiful job. (Kathy, Brisbane)


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