Sunday, September 25, 2011

some oldies (really oldies)

Wow! You know what I love about the simple style?? That I can look back on really old pages and still love them!! Simple is so timeless and doesn't rely on current fads and styles and trends. Well, it does a bit, I guess, especially with regards to colour, but I love that I still love these pages. This baby, and this 2 year old is now in her eighth year!  Oh, she was so cute and yummy, and oh, how I'm glad I scrapped these moments, which are now SO gone!  Lovin' when you've been doing a hobby long enough that you can really 'look back when'.

Lovin' our hobby. You??


  1. TOTALLY love our hobby. Livvy has been looking at her albums each night this week and know she is reading she can read the pages. It is soooo cool listening to her laugh as she reads :)

  2. and I love that I have seen your kids grow up through your pages and your blog - those little crossed ankles! She still does that now doesn't she (if i remember correctly you wrote about it before?)

    and my baby is five....he wasn't a chubby baby like lucy, but was a cute one non the less!

    I also love when my kids read their own books and "oh I remember that.."

  3. What a fab baby page...and yes, it's great to have a hobby that brings so much pleasure, not just when you are actually doing it, but when you look back on what you have produced!
    Alison xx

  4. I agree. I've kept my scrapping pretty clean and simple, and looking back to the first album I am still happy with it!

  5. Have always loved your "bits"page. Love this hobby especially when I look back and see the stories I've recorded which would have otherwise been lost. Just am struggling with getting back into's been 3 years since I've scrapped and I am starting to despair at all those stories lost........ Loving the blog don't always have time to comment but read every post as I'm a subscriber keep on going love it.


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