Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Week In The Life: Part Two ...

Hi everyone, it's my turn to show you how I approached WITL this year. This is the second consecutive year I done this project and after feeling a bit scared by the whole prospect last year, I have decided it is probably my favourite scrapbooking project of all.
I think it is very easy to get caught up in the enormity of the potential effort involved with WITL, it is true, if you decide to go ahead you need to make a commitment to take a few photos each day and jot down some of the stuff you did ... but, you know what, it doesn't need to be more than that - a few photos and a few words.
There are two things I had to remind myself of, one, find the format that suits you and two, just chill out - if you take on WITL when Ali runs it, it is easy to get caught up in what she shows each day and what lots of other people are doing, working to your own format and at your own pace is really important.
Here are some of my pages.

This year I chose a digital format and I used Cathy Zielske's School Album templates which are available at Designer Digitals. I chose two pieces of digital cardstock from Oscraps and I used Arial font in varying weights.
I had all my pages printed professionally at 8x10 size, I picked them up yesterday and popped them in the album along with last years WITL.
Last year I wrote a lot and I included screen shots from online news sources and the weather and I also wrote out several recipes I made during the week, nothing fancy, just what we were eating. I didn't do any of that this year and half way through the project I started to wonder if 2011 would have enough detail, it does. What I haven't shown today is my summary page, basically it is a 8x10 text box with some of the cardstock across the middle, anything extra I wanted to journal about fitted in well here and I've ended up with more than enough.

Thanks for dropping by today, let us know if you have any questions and hopefully we can answer them in the comments section. I'll see you here again tomorrow with another SAG version of WITL 2011.


  1. love how its come together, and that digital cardstock looks so textured and real, that I could swear it was real. And I really like the idea of keeping them in the one album, as you flick through you would be easily be able to see the contrasts between each year. I think going digital makes this project very much more doable.

  2. Amy I really love how this turned out for you! I will definitely do this again...!

  3. Love this format Amy..it's interesting to see how different people are approaching this!
    Alison xx


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