Thursday, August 18, 2011

Week in the Life Part 4

Hi Everyone, I have the final installment of Week in the Life from the SAG team. Now I have to admit, mine is not quite finished yet, but the main part is, so I still have lots to show you. I have never done WITL before. I have to admit I'm not great at projects like these, I tend to leave them unfinished! So I was very aware of that when I was coming up with my album plan. I did the plan before the week as I wanted to have the layout in my head. I've gone mainly digital (which is different for me!), with a few hybrid elements thrown in. I wanted it to be an easy to complete project. I loved doing it, but I'm glad it was only a week. I was very conscious of trying to have enough photos everyday, but I did forget a little about actually taking a decent photo! So some of my photos are average, but they tell the story and that's what it is about! The other thing I loved about it was that my kids really got into it. They would suggest photos that should be taken and by the end of the week were taking photos of every meal, movement and more!!! Even though alot of their photos weren't the best, I loved that they were fully involved. I also wanted to make sure I got myself in the album as I rarely have photos of myself. I'm happy with how my album has come together. Next time when I do it I will put a bit more thought into the journalling aspect at the time.

With the album design, I have done completely my own thing. I had an album that I purchased on sale, probably 2 years ago, that I had never used. I love the album, its totally my colour! It is a 6x9 inch album which is kind of an odd size, so I thought it would be perfect for this.

So whilst I am not a digi scrapper, I have lots of Photoshop experience from working for a photographer for 6 years. So I decided to create my own template. It was easy to do and I wanted to make sure I had room for a fair few photos.

I've used both 6x9in and 6x6in page protectors in the album. The first page of each day has a slim (6x3in) black and white photo on one side and then some strip journalling (had to throw a bit of hybrid in!) documenting the weather, breakfast, lunch, dinner and the highlight of the day. Then I have a large photo 6x6 inches.

Then the next page is the journaling and the collage of photos. When you turn the page, I designed it so the b&w photo was still completely visible. I wish I'd thought of that when I designed the collage page and made the daily timetable that side. It would have made the whole thing neater.

So most of the collage page is digi, just the patterned paper is a real life strip!!!! From there the pages continue in the same format. I've put a few more below.

So I just need to finish my title page and conclusion page. I did keep some receipts from the week and I will put them in a pocket at the back I think...I haven't completely worked that out yet. I will post the completed album on my blog tomorrow afternoon.

I hope you enjoyed our week of WITL. I love that we all did something different. It shows you just how versatile the project is. I definitely recommend doing it.

Don't forget to stop by tomorrow as I will be doing a new discussion.



  1. Emma...this is AWESOME!!! The mix of sizes is great. I love that the kids got involved. It is interesting seeing the different approaches we have taken.

  2. Love Love it Emma - love the mix of the two different page sizes!

  3. WOW!!! I LOVE your take on it!!

  4. love it, and my favourite part is the photo you left deliberately showing as you went to the smaller pages. Very very cool!

  5. Emma, what is the font you use for your days of the week heading? I love what you did :)

  6. I used the same size album {and I'm not finished yet, eek!}. Your layout is clean and simple and amazing.

  7. I love this design, Emma! I see what you mean about making the right-hand page wider to just allow the diary to peep through, but it looks wonderful anyway! Next year, eh! I also love the idea of the simple diary - I will definitely take this away with me as a great feature to incorporate another time. Thank-you for the peep!

  8. I really like this format Emma and I like the template you made too ... the font, for Jody, is Honey Script and is available at dafont :-)

  9. Love the format you've used's been great to see how you have all approached doesn't seem quite so daunting now!
    Alison xx


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